Animation Wild Card (AWC) is an organization Catalyst Castle co-founded and continues to organize.
Animation Wild Card is a collaboration by animation artists who banded together to bring some joy to the masses by curating a light-hearted collection of short-shorts into episodes, while strengthening connection and collaboration within the animation community.

AWC Organizer Gallery: Catalyst Castle, Threadwood, & Apartment D Films

AWC grew out of Covid-19 stay at home orders. Catalyst Castle, as well as co-founders Threadwood and Apartment D, primarily work in stop motion animation and our corner of the industry was essentially shut down early in the pandemic. Our friends and creative partners were out of work with no end in sight, and we started to think about what we could do for our community. We came up with the idea to create an animation challenge and recruit friends and colleagues in the animation industry to participate.

Animation Wild Card's very first episode!

Our community of animators continued to grow as the months went on, and we found ourselves making more episodes and growing our vision for Animation Wild Card beyond quarantine. We’ve found that supporting independent animators through AWC has created a space with the potential to change the animation industry for the better. 
Catalyst Castle functions as a project organizer for Animation Wild Card—managing communications, providing admin support, editing episodes and trailers, and planning the future of AWC. 

Episode Bumper Behind the Scenes: Photo Credit—Apartment D Films

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